Club membership includes access to our gear. 

This is free for all members, though you will have to leave a deposit which will be fully refunded once you’ve returned everything.

If you’d like to borrow gear, contact the committee and get in touch with the current gear secretary.  

We have all sorts of gear:  

Helmets Ropes 

Quick Draws

Belay Devices

Ice Axes

Ice Screws

Bouldering Pads

Cams and Nuts  

If you ever want to purchase gear, we can offer you advice and recommend outlets. We might even be able to get you a discount for you from our partners.

Much like clothing, there are tonnes of shops, suppliers, and brands for climbing gear. EpicTV is both an online store and a media outlet with reviews, tips, and advice. Another good place to look would be Rock+Run.

Our personal favourite shop though is V12Outdoor, a shop in Llanberis, Wales which visits UCL every year to sell gear at a 20% discount! If you need gear, it would be worth waiting until then.

If you need bouldering pads, chalk buckets or anything else bouldering related, our sponsor Psychi has you covered.

If you’re looking for none climbing related gear, then Alpkit is definitely worth checking out