Be prepared for anything!

Here you will find our recommendations for climbing skills that will keep you safe and efficient when climbing/mountaineering.

Although we are always here to help and it is always safer to be taught something by someone who knows what their doing, we thought we should share some of the best sources of information we can find to help everyone out.

Feel free to ask questions to anyone on committee or in the club. We’ll point you in the right direction

The BMC is always a good place to go:

Rock Climbing Skills:

The Petzl Website is full of pages and PDFs with advice and amazing illustrations to show you how to build anchors, belay, etc. Remeber though, reading these is far from sufficient to be procitient and safe with these skills.

Here you will find the Rock Climbing Guide and here you will find the Multipitch Climbing Guide


Mountaineering may seem simple at a glance but it is one of the most dangerous pass-times you can do. It is vital you go out in a group with experienced mountaineers to ensure your safety.

Here is the Petzl Mountaineering Guide

If you have the time to watch them, the BMC has produced a brilliant set of videos to introduce people to various winter skills from walking to climbing Grade 3 Winter routes. You can find them here.

It is also key to know how to use a map and compass in the mountains. Although the BMC does have videos for navigation, this video by REI is much more comprehensive on the use of a compass which you find here. For information on using grid references and OS maps in the UK, Check out the BMC video here.


Layering for climbing and mountaineering in cold conditions is based around the Layering System. You can find loads of sites explaining this but we found the Mountain Equipment Guide to be quite good. Although this is orientated for Scottish winter climbing and they use their products as examples, the principle is the same in other situations with other brands


Much like clothing, there are tonnes of shops, suppliers, and brands for climbing gear. EpicTV is both an online store and a media outlet with reviews, tips, and advice. Another good place to look would be Rock+Run.

Our personal favourite shop though is V12Outdoor, a shop in Llanberis, Wales which visits UCL every year to sell gear at a 20% discount! If you need gear, it would be worth waiting until then.

If you need bouldering pads, chalk buckets or anything else bouldering related, our sponsor Psychi has you covered.

If you’re looking for none climbing related gear, then Alpkit is definitely worth checking out