President – Gavin

The old members will remember Gavin as a long-haired fresher how joined the club with enthusiasm and a few years of climbing experience under his belt.

That enthusiasm got him from keen fresher to ruthless President almost instantly! Mainly because nobody else ran…

Gavin’s definition of the word mellow is very questionable.

You’d think someone who grew up in Chamonix would be better at climbing though wouldn’t you?

Treasurer – Martha

Martha was first introduced to the wonders of plastic-pulling five years ago and has since been obsessed. You can regularly find her at the castle from opening to closing time- making up for her lack of footwork with enthusiasm and pure shoulders.

She’s since been converted to pulling on actual rocks, and you can find her romping on alpine snow and mixed routes on occasion. But whilst she may claim that climbing helps her “find herself”, her friends argue that it only helps her find more joints to injure. Better get your training advice elsewhere…

Welfare Officer – Zofia

Our Welfare Sec Zofia- the Polish Battleaxe. Lead, boulder, top-rope, whatever it is she’ll slay any problems in her path, with a bottle of Polish vodka to hand.

Always up for a chat, Zofia will make sure you have a great time in UCLCMC!

Team Captain – Imi

Imi is our Team Captain and a regular resin puller who loves to compete and (almost) never ventures outside. A qualified coach, she’ll get you strong in time for Varsity with Kings… don’t worry. 

Vice Team Captain – Dan

Gear Sec – Tor

Asst. Gear Sec – Yoshi

Social Sec – Alex

Our lovable Social Sec Alex, who is the resident American of the club. Always super psyched and usually found trying to figure out the short person beta, or else in one of the many bars round campus.

Trip Sec – Hanadi

Media Sec – Edward